definition of fineness

definition of fineness

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fineness. Thinness; clearness; delicacy; purity . He was quite a ladies'' man; talked to them about their extreme sensibility, their peculiar fineness of organic structure, their delicacy of nerves; and soothed his patients more by flattery than by physic . - "Newton Forster", Frederick Marryat. Unhappily, before the school - years are over, the ...

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The meaning of FINE is all right. How to use fine in a sentence. all right; well or healthy : not sick or injured; superior in kind, quality, or appearance : excellent…

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By DataStellar Co., Ltd. The quality or condition of being fine. Freedom from foreign matter or alloy; clearness; purity; as, the fineness of liquor. The proportion of pure silver or gold in jewelry, bullion, or coins. Keenness or sharpness; as, the fineness

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fineness definition: 1. the quality of being very thin: 2. the quality of being very exact and delicate: 3. the…. Learn more.

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fineness: ( fīn''nes ), A designator used to indicate the precious metal content of an alloy, 1000 fine being 24-carat or pure gold.

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2022-9-28 · Fiber Fineness is one the most important fiber characteristics. The Fiber Fineness determines how many fibers are present in the cross-section of a yarn of given thickness. Minimum thirty fibers are needed in the yarn cross-section but there are usually hundred. For almost all new spinning process one hundred is approximately the lower limit.


2018-3-14 · To find fineness modulus of coarse aggregate we need sieve sizes of 80mm, 40mm, 20mm, 10mm, 4.75mm, 2.36mm, 1.18mm, 0.6mm, 0.3mm and 0.15mm. Fineness modulus is the number at which the average ...

What Is Fineness Of Cement?

1  · Fineness of cement = (W2/W1) x 100. The test has to be done with at least three samples from the same batch. The average value is the fineness of the cement. The ratio between the test samples should not be greater than 0.2% if else then repeat the test. The retaining cement particles in sieve should not be more than 10%.

What does fineness mean?

Definition of fineness in the Definitions dictionary. Meaning of fineness. Information and translations of fineness in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


Definition of fineness. Noun. 1. Having a very fine texture. The fineness of the sand on the beach. 2. ... Corsican chestnut flour owes its fineness to the fact that the chestnuts have always been crushed in grinding mills with millstones made of granite, flint or shale, on account of Corsica''s agro-pastoral system with extensive cultivation of ...


The size of the grounds, called the fineness of the grind, is determined how long the cutting blades are allowed to chop up the beans. INeedCoffee. Soul and body were not thought to be radically different in kind; their difference seemed just to consist in a difference in degree of properties such as fineness and mobility. Ancient Theories of Soul

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The fineness of a precious metal object (coin, bar, jewelry, etc.) represents the weight of fine metal therein, in proportion to the total weight which includes alloying base metals and any impurities.Alloy metals are added to increase hardness and durability of coins and jewelry, alter colors, decrease the cost per weight, or avoid the cost of high-purity refinement.

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There is a possibility that alkalinity of ash is related to fiber fineness.; The whiteness of her skin under the caress of this hale vigorous morning light was dazzling, pure, of a fineness beyond words.; Methods of testing cement-determination of fineness; That material surpasses all others in fineness; Standard specification for fineness of types of alpaca


Define fineness. fineness synonyms, fineness pronunciation, fineness translation, English dictionary definition of fineness. state of being fine; superior quality; proportion of pure precious metal in an alloy: The fineness of the diamond was extraordinary.

Definition of fineness ratio for a conformal dome.

A conformal aircraft uses a streamlined surface that can well overcome the above drawbacks, but the curvature of the conformal dome varies with the field of regard (FOR), leading to dynamic ...

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"the inn is distinguished by the fineness of its cuisine" 2. the property of being very narrow or thin; "he marvelled at the fineness of her hair" 3. having a very fine texture; "the fineness of the sand on the beach" 4. the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance; "the daintiness of her touch" "the fineness of her features"


See: (as) fine as a frog(''s) hair (split three/four ways) (as) fine as Dick''s hatband (as) fine as frog fuzz (as) fine as frog(''s) hair (split four ways) (that''s) fine by me (that''s) fine with me a fine how …

What does fineness ratio mean?

Definition of fineness ratio in the Definitions dictionary. Meaning of fineness ratio. Information and translations of fineness ratio in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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Fineness A measure of the purity of a precious metal as a unit of 1,000. That is, a fineness measure of 1 means that 0.1% of a substance is a given precious metal, while a measure of 1,000 means that is the metal. Fineness is important to commodities and futures involving precious metals, in which the quality of the underlying metals must be ...

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The definition of fineness in Dictionary is as: The quality or degree of being fine. Meaning of fineness for the defined word. Grammatically, this word "fineness" is a morpheme, more specifically, a suffixe. It''s also a noun, more specifically, …

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Définition of fineness. noun excellence. Example sentences : But the fineness of its quality makes of it an entirely different performance. Extract from : « The Forest » by Stewart Edward White. She had strong arms for it; he had seen her draw gold to the fineness of a hair. Extract from : « L''Assommoir » by Emile Zola.

Fibre Fineness

1) Fibre fineness – yarns made from fine denier synthetic filaments (≤ 1.5 dpf) pill more than yarns made from coarse filaments (≥ 2.5 dpf). This is because yarn twist imparts greater cohesive forces onto larger diameter fibres than finer fibres. As the filament denier decreases, the total number of synthetic filaments in any given weight percentage of a blend increases.

Definition of fineness

Definition of fineness. Definition of. 1 [ noun ] the quality of being very good indeed . Synonyms. choiceness. Examples ... after all these centuries, can describe the fineness of an autumn day …

Definition of fineness

Definition of fineness. Definition of. 1 [ noun ] the quality of being very good indeed . Synonyms. choiceness. Examples ... after all these centuries, can describe the fineness of an autumn day ? Related terms. superiority. 2 [ noun ] the property of being very narrow or thin . Synonyms. thinness. Examples "he marvelled at the fineness of her ...

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finesse: [noun] refinement or delicacy of workmanship, structure, or texture.

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fineness and translation in English - English Reverso dictionary, see also ''finiteness'',finesse'',finableness'',fineableness'', examples, definition, conjugation

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Definition of fineness noun in Oxford Advanced Learner''s Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

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2  · The <811> Powder Fineness General Chapter will be incorporated into and become official with USP 35–NF 30. Should you have any questions about the <811> Powder Fineness General Chapter, please contact Kevin Moore (301-816-8369 or [email protected] ). For any questions about the PDG and its processes, please see Pharmacopeial Harmonization Group …

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Define Fineness by Webster''s Dictionary, WordNet Lexical Database, Dictionary of Computing, Legal Dictionary, Medical Dictionary, Dream Dictionary. ... fineness - the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance; "the daintiness of her touch"; "the fineness of her features" Synonyms: daintiness, delicacy. narrowness, thinness.

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Fineness definition: the state or quality of being fine | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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1  · It is of interest to quantify ''how good'' of a bucket the cavity is. To do this, we define the cavity Q as. where is the center frequency of the resonant peak under consideration. A high Q cavity is very good at storing energy – it stores a lot, and loses very little. Another definition, which is approximately equivalent for high-Q ...

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The fineness of skin and shortness of hair are evidence of its need for a shape that is lightweight and aerodynamic while at the same time eliminating heat. 37. Name: Shanghai Pearl Flour mill''s plenilune sign pure sea water tapioca, the packet 25 grams, degree of fineness is 1000 items, improves looks high-level the valuable thing.

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2022-10-13 · Fineness Modulus of Fine Aggregate: The sand fineness module (fine aggregate) is an index number describing the mean size of sand particles. By doing sieve analysis with normal sieves, it is measured.. The accumulated percentage kept on each sieve is applied and the sum of the fine aggregate is subdivided by 100. To find the fine aggregate fineness modulus, we …

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2010-3-27 · Fineness definition, the state or quality of being fine. See more.

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noun fineness the state or quality of being fine. 1; noun fineness the proportion of pure precious metal in an alloy, often expressed in parts per thousand. 1; noun fineness The ratio, in a precious metal, of the primary metal to any additives or impurities. 1; noun fineness the state or quality of being fine 0; noun fineness a measurement of the purity of precious metal, expressed as the ...